This is my story – one that inspires

20 years I stayed silent. Not because I had nothing to say, but because I was told I would die if I did.

Having barely escaped with my life after an attempted murder and horrific acts of domestic abuse and sexual violence, plus two failed forced marriage attempts, all committed by the people I was meant to trust, my own parents, I stand here today proud to have taken back the voice that was so viciously stolen from me.

My name is Raj Holness, and from fearful victim to fearless victor, I am a Survivor.

This is my story – one that I hope inspires both women and men to come forward and break their own silence.

Raj x

Winner of:

  • Forward Ladies The National Highly Commendable Inspiring Leader 2017
  • Forward Ladies The Midlands Regional Inspiring Leader Award 2017
  • MBCC Charitable Business Fundraiser Award 2017
  • Community Champion Asian Business Award 2016
  • West Midlands Woman of the Year 2015
  • West Midlands Most Inspirational Woman 2015

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Can you imagine this is going to be me on 18th May 😱 ...for our 5k Tough Mudder Challenge.

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